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How To Care for Your Teeth During Holidays?

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Kevin Nail, DDS
How To Care for Your Teeth During Holidays?Holidays are a fun time when you get to mingle with family and friends, take a vacation, or for that long-awaited trip with your loved one. however, holidays are also a risky time for your dental health. This is a time when you can forget to follow the basic dental hygiene practices, or eat foods that are bad for your health. For instance, cakes, juices, candy, starchy foods, and alcohol are a mainstay during holidays. These food items can be detrimental to your dental health if you do not plan accordingly. At our practice, we will always advise on the dos and don'ts when it comes to your dental health during the holidays.

Ensure you carry your toothbrush and floss

Whether on vacation or not, you need to brush and floss your teeth daily, to keep your gums and teeth clean. This becomes even important if you will be eating foods that can be harmful to your oral health. ensure you have fluoride toothpaste which will be vital in strengthening your teeth.

Eat limited amounts of sugary foods and increase intake of healthy foods

The above-mentioned foods among others are normal during the holidays. However, you should eat these foods in moderation to ensure that they do not negatively impact your dental health. healthy foods that you can eat during the holidays include carrots, celery, apples, fish, and leafy vegetables. These contain important vitamins and nutrients that are excellent for your teeth.

Visit the dentist's office

Before you go on that vacation, talk to our dentist for important tips. You would also get a checkup and get treatment in case you have an underlying issue. This will ensure that you can enjoy the fun times without hurting your teeth.


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