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You Need to Contact Our Office if Flossing Hurts

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Kevin Nail, DDS
 You Need to Contact Our Office if Flossing HurtsRegularly flossing your teeth is one sure way to keep them healthy and functional for a long time. Flossing helps you to get rid of food particles that remain stuck in the spaces between your teeth. If not removed, these particles cause cavities, which pave the way for gum and tooth diseases.

Flossing is an effortless habit to incorporate into your dental care routine. However, some people experience pains after flossing. To better understand this issue, it is crucial to know the causes of your pain. We recommend you book an appointment with us if you happen to experience this pain, as it could be a symptom of an underlying issue.

There are a few causes of pain in the teeth and gums after flossing. Here is a deeper look at them.


Gingivitis is a disease caused by bacteria in the teeth and gums. Bacteria collects in the plaque buildup on the teeth, causing cavities in the teeth, which may later spread inside the gums. Once bacteria have gotten inside, it causes the gums to swell, redden and become sore. When you floss, you might be unknowingly putting pressure on the swollen area, causing it to ache as a result.

Damaged Teeth

A damaged tooth can get sore when you put pressure on it. This is because damaged teeth are a hub of bacteria. This bacteria causes the area around the damaged tooth to swell and become irritable. When you floss, you might be touching the area with the bacteria making it ache.

Improper Flossing Technique

Many people tend to floss their teeth aggressively to remove all the plaque available. Unfortunately, aggressive flossing can leave a cut or a scar on the soft gum tissues. Over time, these scars become sore after you floss.

The Way Forward

When you take care of your dental health, you contribute to your overall well-being. Proper dental care will benefit you in many different ways. Getting care from the right people is even more essential. If you experience pain after flossing, book an appointment with us to deal with the problem the right way.


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