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Inflammation in Your Sinuses Can Lead to a Toothache

Posted on 7/12/2021 by Kevin Nail, DDS
Inflammation in Your Sinuses Can Lead to a ToothacheYou are probably all too familiar with the sensation of a toothache. Sensitivity at the gumline, throbbing pain in a localized area, or a numb feeling in a tooth best characterizes a toothache. Inflammation on the other hand, is a process by which your body's white blood cells protect you from bacterial and viral infections. Inflammation can go awry, however, if the immune system malfunctions and the white blood cells start attacking both the good cells and the bad infection cells. Are these two things related, inflammation and toothaches?

Inflammation in Your Sinuses Can Affect Your Teeth

In fact, inflammation in your sinuses can cause a toothache. The sinuses are pairs of empty spaces in your head. They are connected to the nasal cavity. If you are experiencing a sinus infection, the tissues in those spaces can become inflamed and cause pain. Interestingly, the largest sinuses are located above the teeth in your upper jaw. The roots of the upper teeth are near and may even extend into the sinus cavity. If you have inflammation in the sinuses, it may cause pain in the adjacent teeth. Conversely, if you have an infection in a tooth located near your sinuses, it may lead to sinus problems.

How to Help Your Toothache Until You Can be Seen by a Dentist

Gargling with saltwater helps to remove the buildup of mucus in your respiratory tract and nasal cavity. Warm saltwater, gargled for a few minutes in the back of your throat, decreases inflammation and can relieve a variety of common ailments in your mouth. Additionally, gargling flushes out unwanted bacteria and viruses left in your mouth and throat. Try gargling with warm saltwater daily until you can come into our office.

Better Oral Health May Mean Gargling More Often

While gargling benefits your mouth in the short term, make an appointment if you suspect you have a toothache. We will do a full exam and professional cleaning to assess your situation.


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