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Chronic Tooth Pain is Not Something You Need to Live With

Posted on 6/21/2021 by Louis McDonald, D.D.S.
Chronic Tooth Pain is Not Something You Need to Live WithHave you had tooth pain for a long time? Do you think it might be easier just to live with chronic pain than to takes steps to fix it? Perhaps you think the cost of fixing your tooth will be too much? If any of these questions are thoughts you have pondered, let us assure you that chronic tooth pain is not something you need to live with.

Causes of Chronic Tooth Pain

There are several common causes of chronic tooth pain. The most common cause is tooth decay. This happens when you eat foods containing carbohydrates or sugar and it stays on your teeth. Bacteria in your mouth makes plaque which sticks to your teeth and gives off acids. The acids erode the outer coating of your teeth called enamel. When you enamel is compromised, holes can form on your teeth. These holes are called cavities.

Another common cause of chronic tooth pain can start with a damaged tooth. A hole, crack, or fracture in a tooth can lead to an abscessed tooth. This happens when part or all the pulp inside the tooth dies. The dead tissue found inside the tooth forms a pocket of infection.

Lastly, if you have a damaged filling, you may experience chronic tooth pain. We may be able to repair the damaged filling. In some cases, we may need to put on a crown if the tooth has become too damaged.

Make an Appointment

You do not need to live with chronic tooth pain. Make an appointment today if you have had tooth pain for even a short time. We welcome the opportunity to do a professional cleaning and dental exam on your teeth. Early treatment can prevent you from bigger problems down the road.

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