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Our Tools Clean Better Than Yours

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Kevin Nail, DDS
Our Tools Clean Better Than YoursIt is becoming more and more common for dental instruments to be introduced with an at-home market, or a do-it-yourself approach. While hygiene at home is a must, there are some dental cleaning techniques and treatments that are not safe or productive for you to do on your own. A professional tooth cleaning is very different from regularly cleaning your teeth at home. The main reason for both dental and at home cleanings are to manage plague build-up, but there are very simple reasons that a cleaning you do at home will not measure up to one done by a professional.

Your Tools

Recently, it has been popular to try an at-home dental scaler, which is also considered a plague scarper. It is not just the tool itself that provides the cleaning, but it is the use of the tool. Without the appropriate tools, and being able to accurately see your own teeth, attempting to use this tool at home can be dangerous for your teeth. Dental tools are sharp, improper use can lead to gum recession, tooth sensitivity, infection, and other injuries. There are also many tools required in professional cleanings that are not sold for at-home use, making your attempts to mimic a professional cleaning unlikely.

Our Tools

Dental professionals use small dental tools to clean plague from your teeth. These tools are pointed and curved to be able to reach areas that you will not be able to see on your own. These tools are used to remove plague from teeth and around sensitive areas such as the gum line. Professional tools are made for the use of a professional, and are made specifically for hard to reach or hard to see spots. There are times when multiple tools are used at once.

It important to engage in dental hygiene at home, however the tools used in our office typically are not accessible for at-home use, and those are for sale may not be safe or adequate for a proper at-home cleaning. Give our office a call if you have questions about at-home dental care, or if you'd like to schedule a professional cleaning.


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