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Does Drinking Tea Hurt or Help Your Oral Health

Posted on 2/8/2021 by Kevin Nail, DDS
Does Drinking Tea Hurt or Help Your Oral HealthIt is no secret that coffee and soda can damage your teeth, but what about tea? The good news is that tea can be beneficial to your oral health, but the bad news is that it has some downsides. Of course, many of these downsides do depend on what type of tea you drink and what you add to it.

The Benefits of Drinking Tea

Tea can improve your overall oral health, especially if you drink very healthy teas such as green tea. The ingredients in tea can help destroy the bad bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities. Tea, especially black and green tea, contains a good amount of fluoride. This also helps the body repair damage to the teeth and can even reverse some very minor cavities.

Another benefit to drinking tea is that it contains polyphenols. This micronutrient can be found in many vegetables, and they help reduce the risk of gum disease and inflammation. Green tea also helps with bad breath. Studies have shown that it can reduce the amount of sulfur compounds, one of the causes of odors on the breath. The antioxidants in tea also helps with a number of other health issues and may reduce the risk of things such as heart disease and even oral cancer.

The Downsides of Tea

While there are some great oral health benefits to drinking tea, there are also a few downsides. Tea does contain tannin, which is a substance that can stain your teeth. This means you will want to brush your teeth or at least rinse out your mouth after you drink tea. Additives such as sugar, honey, and lemon can damage your teeth, so you should leave those out of your tea. If you do drink a lot of tea and have stained teeth or cavities, we can help. Give us a call to make an appointment today.


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