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Habits That May Be Harming Your Teeth

Posted on 1/11/2021 by Kevin Nail, DDS
Habits That May Be Harming Your TeethTooth enamel is the hardest substance in our body, but it is also the one most susceptible to damage as it constantly battles bacteria, acid, and plaque to preserve its integrity. We also have to lend it a helping hand by following optimal oral hygiene practices to restrict enamel wear and damage to a minimum. However, there may be other subconscious habits that may be damaging your teeth. Here are just a few examples.

•  Nail biting – Your nails are full of bacteria. When you bite your nails, you transfer an insane amount of bacteria from your hands to your mouth. Not only is that harmful to your overall health, but it also increases bacteria content in the mouth, leaving your teeth susceptible to damage. Try to distract your hands every time you feel the need to bite your nails.
•  Toothpick – A toothpick is an excellent tool for getting out stuck pieces of food from your teeth. However, if used aggressively, it can do more damage than good. One wrong move and you can end up damaging your gums, which can then lead to the development of infection by allowing bacteria to seep through.
•  Chewing on pens and pencils – Sometimes, the urge to chew on a pen or pencil when concentrating on something is immense. However, if it develops into a habit, it can cause cracks and lead to cavities.
•  Crushing Ice – Certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause ice cravings, and the satisfaction of chewing on an ice cube at that moment is truly unparalleled. However, the sudden temperature drop and the pressure of biting on something as hard as ice can cause cracks in the enamel.
•  Using the teeth as a nutcracker or bottle opener – It is convenient, yes, but your teeth are not meant to serve as a bottle opener, and you may end up fracturing your teeth. Invest in a good nutcracker and bottle opener to preserve the structural integrity of your teeth.


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