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Foods that Keep Your Teeth White While Reducing Stress

Posted on 12/7/2020 by Kevin Nail, DDS
Foods that Keep Your Teeth White While Reducing StressYou can beat stress and keep your teeth white at the same time. In fact, eating some of the foods listed below will not only make you feel calmer, they will also whiten your teeth naturally.

What Can I Eat that Will Calm Me and Give Me a Dazzling Smile?

One of the great tooth whitening foods are strawberries. This red delight contains vitamin C and malic acid. Some studies have revealed that high amounts of vitamin C ease stress. In fact, one double blind study showed a substantial decrease in anxiety in the participants who regularly ate foods containing vitamin C. The vitamin C found in strawberries reduces stress levels and the malic acid in the fruit whitens the teeth and keeps them that way. You can also reduce stress and whiten your teeth by eating broccoli. While many people do not like this vegetable, it can be a boon to your mental and dental health if you add it to recipes. Like strawberries, broccoli contains healthy amounts of vitamin C. To feel more at peace, it helps, as well, to sip warm milk before your turn in for the night. Warm milk has a relaxing effect physically and psychologically. Studies show that drinking the beverage stabilizes the mood. The calcium and vitamin D in milk work together to strengthen the smile and make it whiter.

Other Foods that Keep Your Teeth White while Relieving Stress

Foods such as bok choy, spinach, eggs, and white turkey meat may not whiten the teeth, but they will keep your teeth white and stain-free. These same foods also serve as stress-busters and make you feel less anxious. Add them to your diet and enjoy better dental checkups.

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