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How Panoramic X-Ray Differs from Digital X-Ray

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Kevin Nail, DDS
How Panoramic X-Ray Differs from Digital X-RayX-rays make it easier for us to diagnose a wide array of dental problems, from tooth decay to supporting bone loss, tooth abscesses, cyst, and some type of tumors. In the past, our dentists had to take multiple x-ray pictures of the mouth. Though this was effective in helping us identify dental problems, it was time-consuming both for us and the patients.

Then came panoramic x-rays that allow us to take a single x-ray picture that captures every aspect of the teeth. Panoramic x-rays quickly became a buzzword that was thrown around a lot in the dental space. But in recent times, a new buzzword, digital x-ray, has been making waves in the dental space thanks to the ingenious imaging solution it represents.

Panoramic X-Rays Versus Digital X-Rays

Both panoramic x-rays and digital x-rays are widely used because they make it much easier to analyze a patient's dental condition compared to many other types. A panoramic x-ray captures the entirety of your mouth in a single picture, from your teeth to tooth roots, jaws, and sinuses. Compared to other types of x-rays, panoramic x-ray makes it much easier for us to identify the signs of dental problems like infections, cyst, impacted teeth, and fractures. However, the angle of the imaging in panoramic x-rays makes it less effective in detecting cavities.

But digital x-rays can be as effective and expedient as panoramic x-rays in detecting just about all types of dental problems, including cavities. Digital x-rays are a type of 2-D imaging that captures images on a flat electronic pad or sensor that allows the images to be viewed on a computer rather than an x-ray film. Digital x-ray allows us to zoom in, enlarge, or enhance the pictures of your teeth on a computer.

When to Get a Panoramic or Digital X-Ray

The need for an x-ray depends on a host of factors, from your previous and current health conditions to your lifestyle habits such as smoking. When you show up at our offices for a diagnosis, we'll ask you some questions to help determine what type of x-ray suits you best. However, to get the best possible outcome from your appointments with our dentists, you need to report your dental problems to us on time. If you're currently grappling with a dental challenge, why not call our offices today?


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