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Is Hidden Sugar Ruining Your Good Oral Health?

Posted on 2/29/2020 by Kevin Nail, DDS
Is Hidden Sugar Ruining Your Good Oral Health?We all know about the adverse effects that too much sugar can have on our oral health. For many of us the words of our mom or teacher still ring in our heads “too much candy will rot your teeth”.

And they were telling us the truth. As a result, most of us have taken a cautious approach to the food and beverages we consume, with these important words of wisdom guiding us well into our adult years.

Choosing water over soda, yogurt over ice cream, as well as sugar free hard candies when the craving hits, we do our best to heed the words we've been hearing since we were kids. But what surprises many people is the fact that a lot of foods that you would never expect are loaded with sugar, and they can have a devastating impact on your teeth.

What Types of Foods Have the Most Hidden Sugar?

Even many foods and beverages which are marketed as healthy options can be laced with sugar and artificial sweeteners. Some of the most unexpected culprits include certain types of salad dressings, many pasta sauces, numerous soups, smoothies, and many yogurts and breakfast bars. Be sure to take a look at the nutritional information when shopping for these products.

What Does Sugar Actually Do to Our Mouths?

Sugar greatly increases the risk of cavities when we ingest too much of it. Because of the manner in which it interacts with the plaque and acids in our mouth, sugar basically acts as a super-fuel to the bacteria which lurk inside it.

If you have been consuming sugar without even realizing it and you would like to investigate what type of impact it may have had on your oral care, simply stop by our office or give us a call.


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